Battery Charger Meltdown

February 10, 2010 Update:
LaCrosse announced it has identified the problem behind the rash of battery charger meltdowns and is voluntarily replacing the affected A/C adapter, which is outputting too much voltage. If you have a LaCross BC-9009 purchased between October 1st 2009 and January 15, 2010 and your A/C adapter has the roman numeral “IV”, please discontinue use IMMEDIATELY and follow this defective product recall link for a free replacement.

Fire hazard

Defective A/C Adapter - LaCrosse BC-9009

Update: Battery Charger Meltdown Part 2
Battery Charger Meltdown Part 3
Battery Charger Meltdown Part 4

The LaCrosse BC-9009 battery charger wants to get the home fires burning, literally.

I was just about to head out for a dinner with my wife’s family. My last task was to make a photocopy so I walked over to the multi-function printer, past a pair of AA batteries I was charging in a LaCrosse charger, and before I was able to hit the copy button, I smelled melting plastic. I turned my head and saw smoke rising from the now-smoldering battery charger. I happened so fast but fortunately I was right next to the charger when it started a dangerous meltdown.

I quickly unplugged the charger and ran it outside before it could do any damage to my home, namely set fire to the place.

Now I’m reading that I’m not the only user to experience a dangerous meltdown with the LaCrosse 9009.

CandlePowerForums has several recent threads with user meltdown reports for the BC-9009.

This doesn’t seem to be the first time that LaCrosse has had meltdown problems too as their are user meltdown reports from the older BC-900 model.

I purchased my LaCrosse 9009 charger from Amazon so I rechecked user reports and there are several new meltdown reports there too.

There are also user reports on Engadget for the older BC-900 model.

So on Monday morning I’m calling LaCrosse and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to demand a recall on these dangerous and defective chargers.

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