Display options for Webinars, Webcasts, and Live Streams

If you want to produce professional live streams, your producer needs to have full control over the individual audio, video, and graphic elements. Online webinar services like Zoom are great when you don’t have professional production help as they can do a good job of connecting one or multiple remote presenters with their audience. But there are production challenges associated with allowing participants and presenters to control their own audio, supporting screen sharing, and being stuck with limited viewing looks.

SLV Live can work with you to create a custom look for your next live stream. This goes beyond allowing the viewer to toggle between limited Speaker, Thumbnail, and Gallery views. While these viewing options are great for meetings, they don’t produce great results for presentations with slides and multiple presenters.

The SLV Live solution is to treat individual presenters and their presentations as video feeds and to process these signals through professional video production video switchers to create multiple looks that we can switch between, depending on who is currently speaking. This gives us the ability to control how many presenters are visible at all times, when the slides are shown, and most importantly, leaves the presenters free to present without having to worry about technical considerations and having to turn-on and -off their screen sharing. One of the biggest advantages of this approach is that it results in smoother hand-offs between presenters.

Great looking video is important but great sounding audio is an even more important consideration when it comes to the viewer experience. Viewer fatigue or annoyance happens quicker when audio levels are too low, noisy, or inconsistent. With remote presenters connected through online platforms, we are a lot more limited in terms of control over audio sources and processing, but we still have tools available to us to process these audio signals and ameliorate the viewing experience. These tools allow us to remove noise and keep the audio levels more consistent between presenters.

Below are a few examples of picture by picture looks that we have created for our clients. Some feature remote presenters connected via their own webcams and others we have safely filmed from our studio or at the presenter’s location with wireless microphones and professional video cameras equipped with zoom lenses that allow us to maintain proper distancing. We still wear our masks and sanitize our hands as part of our COVID-19 safety protocols.

Picture by Picture Custom Template

Widescreen Slides

Cropped Widescreen Video

Client Logo

White Background

Studio SLV Picture by Picture Custom Template

Legacy 4:3 Slides

Cropped & Keyed 4K Video

Client Logo

White Background

Studio SLV is owned and operated by SLV Live and features an 18′ long white cyclorama infinitive cove back-drop

Studio SLV

Multiple Remote Presenters Picture by Picture Custom Template

Cropped Webcam Video with Titles

No Slides in PxP Template (full screen as needed)

Blue Background

Multiple Presenters Remote Picture by Picture Custom Template

Widescreen Slides

3 Remote Presenters with Widescreen Webcam Video

Conference Branding

White Background