Battery Charger Meltdown – part 2

Update to Battery Charger Meltdown Part 1.
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Battery Charger Meltdown Part 4

December 28 2009 UPDATE to Part 2:

I received an email from Anthony in Amazon Executive Customer Relations

I’ve confirmed that your concern regarding the La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger has been fully investigated by, our vendors and the manufacturer. At this time, they’ve found the item is safe if used as intended and has been reinstated for purchase.

I’m very sorry, but we’re unable to offer any additional information or insight regarding this matter.

So despite 5 users reporting similar meltdowns on their own site in ONE WEEK, Amazon has concluded the item is safe. Absolutely unbelievable. Here are the links:

Meltdown 1
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I didn’t waste any time following my Friday evening incident, where the La Crosse BC-9009 battery charger I was using overheated so much it started to melt the battery charger and smoke. First thing this morning I contacted the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to advise them. I would encourage any others who have experienced a similar meltdown to do the same. They are now conducting a review and have requested my defective unit for analysis for a potential recall.

I also contacted La Crosse to report the incident and spoke with their National Sales manager. He told me he is not aware of any problem and that he has the older model, the BC-900. He claims he uses it every day and leaves it plugged-in. He requested my defective unit but I declined as I had promised it to the USCPSC.

I contacted, the retailer I purchased the battery charger from, and requested that they review the product on the grounds that my unit was defective and that there were very recent reports from other Amazon customers that their La Crosse battery chargers were also overheating. By the end of the day Amazon contacted me to inform me that the item was “under review” and they were no longer offering the BC-9009, although it was still available from “other marketplace sellers”. So small victory and at least this will make consumers think twice before deciding if they feel this product is safe.

La Crosse BC-9009 under review

La Crosse BC-9009 under review

3 replies
  1. Shahar says:

    You posted on december 22nd, since december 29th – I can assure you that it’s back on for sale!

    maybe they’ve changed the version? did a QC again?
    I’ll know if my house burns down in 2 more weeks 🙂

    • Shawn Lam says:

      Thanks for the comment, Shahar. There has been no indication that there is a firmware or QC update. In fact it appears that the meltdowns are still continuing. Historically the La Crosse BC-9009 has a 15% dissatisfaction rate (1-3 stars) on Amazon, which is high, but when you look at the last 10 comments, 6 of them experienced overheating. So there is something dangerously wrong with the most recent batch and firmware 35. I would suggest you return your battery charger and not wait for it to malfunction. This is one of the most effective ways an individual can apply pressure to both a retailer and a manufacturer to make sure their products are safe.

  2. Shahar says:

    Got it today.

    Already got the return form ready – and also received my MH-C9000 which seems to be safer 🙂


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