essence of dance – dance recital videos

Shawn Lam Video has been providing dance recital video production services for essence of dance since 2006, when the studio held their first dance recital.

This pairing of Shawn Lam Video and essence of dance has resulted in two international video production awards. In 2008 Shawn Lam Video was awarded Silver WEVA Creative Excellence Award and in 2010, a Bronze WEVA Creative Excellence Award.

Here are the links to the 2016-2021 essence of dance recital videos. You will need a password to access the video portfolio pages – please check your emails from the studio for the password. Starting in 2016 essence of dance switched to a studio order so each dancer has access to all the recital videos from 2016-2021.

2021 June 12

2021 June 13

2020 – no recitals

2019 May 24 Evening

2019 May 25 Matinee

2019 May 25 Evening

2019 May 26 Evening

2018 May 26 Matinee

2018 May 26 Evening

2018 May 27 Evening

2017 May 27 Matinee

2017 May 27 Evening

2017 May 28 Evening

2016 May 28 Matinee

2016 May 28 Evening

2016 May 29 Evening

To access your 2015 and prior paid video orders, please follow the link below. Access is secured with your email and the password that you created. You can also request a new password if you cannot remember yours using the same link below:

essence of dance recital videos 2015 and prior