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SLV Live has been producing professional live stream webcasts since 2004. Our live stream clients include federal & provincial government clients, non-profits, industry associations, corporations, law firms, and sporting events.

Our competitive positioning as live stream producers is that we are a video production company that offers full audio/visual services, and live stream webcasts are what we specialize in. This gives us an advantage compared to traditional A/V providers who treat video and live stream services as an add-on. The difference is in the execution and the result is that our live streams look and sound better. SLV can take care of all your audio and visual needs or work with your A/V partner on your next webcast.

We produce live streams of conferences, keynotes speeches, panel discussions, professional development training, and so much more. Many of our events are hybrid events with both an in-person audience and a live online audience. Balancing the needs of both of these audiences at the same time is what we do best. We also produce live streams as virtual events exclusively to a live online audience with on-demand video replay.

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Live streaming platforms

Live streaming platforms

SLV produces webcasts on all four of the most popular streaming platforms:

IBM Watson Media, Vimeo Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live.

Each streaming platform has its pros and cons, but in general IBM and Vimeo are paid platforms, offer better features, support, and analytics, and are best for defined audiences. Facebook and YouTube are better for social media interaction to wider public audiences. We can help you decide which streaming platform is best for your needs and we can also broadcast to multiple platforms at the same time.

Live Streaming Features

The advantage of Live Streaming services is that viewers don’t need to download any software in order to view the webcast and they can watch from desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and even Smart HDTVs. All of the services that we use offer variable bitrate encoding in the cloud, which is a fancy way of saying that viewers will automatically receive the highest quality version of the live webcast that their device and internet speed can support. This means no wasted bandwidth and the video always looks great, regardless if you are watching on a large monitor or a small device.

As your webcast producer, SLV uses a video switcher to switch the view between the video camera sources and computer presentations. We can also create a picture by picture view that shows the video and presentation side-by-side, play pre-recorded video, and even patch-in remote presenters.

SLV can explain and help you decide which advanced webcast features to use on your next live stream.

  • Registration Form:
    Capture viewer information like name, email address, company, and more.
  • Embed codes:
    An embed code allows you to place the video player on your website. We can also restrict playback to only your website to prevent sharing.
  • Password Protection:
    Protect your live stream content with a password.
  • Clickable video overlays:
    Direct your live stream audience using clickable links.
  • Polling:
    Great for voting, establishing quorum, or engaging your online audience.
  • Q&A and Chat:
    Interact with your online audience by taking their questions or allow them to interact with each-other using the chat.

Technical Webcast Details

Live stream webcast platforms support HD and even 4K video resolutions for the best viewer experience. The technology used to create a stable viewing experience groups the video into chunks for cloud processing and streaming download. This is a more efficient process than real-time processing as it creates a buffer that smoothens-out playback for viewers. This is especially important when viewers’ internet speeds fluctuate. The buffer means there is broadcast delay, typically between 15-30 seconds, making live streams best for one-way presentations and not for online conversations.

Click here to read about our webinar services that are real-time and best for presentations with no broadcast delay, and for dialogue between remote presenters and audience members alike.


Video Switcher Control Panel


Multiview Monitor


Sound Board


Technical Director/Webcast Technician


High Definition Archive Recorder

Your Webcast & Webinar Requirements

Every webcast and webinar set-up is a little different, depending on your technical requirements. We would be pleased to provide you with a custom quotation that fits your requirements and budget and help you decide which platform will best fit your needs.