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Contact SLV Live today to bring your event to life online. We’ve been delivering professional live stream webcasts since 2004, serving a diverse clientele including federal and provincial government bodies, non-profits, industry associations, corporations, law firms, and sports events.

Our distinctive edge as live stream producers lies in our specialization. Unlike traditional A/V providers who often treat video and live stream services as mere add-ons, we are a dedicated video production company with a primary focus on live stream webcasts. This specialization translates into exceptional execution, ensuring that our live streams offer superior visual and audio quality. We can manage all your audio and visual requirements or collaborate seamlessly with your A/V partner for your next webcast.

Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of events, from conferences and keynote speeches to panel discussions and professional development training. Many of our events adopt a hybrid format, catering to both in-person and online audiences simultaneously. Our strength lies in balancing the needs of these diverse audiences. Moreover, we also produce live streams exclusively for virtual events, complete with on-demand video replay.

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Streaming Platforms

SLV Live is well-versed in producing webcasts on all four of the most popular streaming platforms: IBM Watson Media, Vimeo Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live. Each platform has its unique strengths and considerations. Paid platforms like IBM and Vimeo offer enhanced features, robust support, and in-depth analytics, making them ideal for specific target audiences. On the other hand, Facebook and YouTube are well-suited for engaging a broader public audience via social media. We can guide you in selecting the platform that aligns best with your objectives and can even broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Live Streaming Benefits

Live streaming offers several advantages. Viewers can access webcasts without the need for software downloads, making it accessible from various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even Smart HDTVs. Our services employ variable bitrate encoding in the cloud, ensuring viewers automatically receive the highest quality stream their device and internet connection can support. This optimizes bandwidth utilization and guarantees an exceptional viewing experience, whether on a large monitor or a mobile device.

As your webcast producer, SLV Live utilizes a video switcher to seamlessly transition between video camera sources and computer presentations. We can create picture-in-picture views, displaying video and presentations side-by-side, incorporate pre-recorded video segments, and even integrate remote presenters.

Advanced Webcast Features

We offer a range of advanced webcast features to enhance your live stream:

  1. Registration Form: Collect viewer information such as names, email addresses, and company details.
  2. Embed Codes: Embed the video player on your website, with the option to restrict playback solely to your site for added security.
  3. Password Protection: Safeguard your live stream content with password protection.
  4. Clickable Video Overlays: Direct your audience with interactive links within the live stream.
  5. Polling: Ideal for voting, establishing quorum, or engaging your online audience.
  6. Q&A and Chat: Foster interaction by taking viewer questions or enabling audience interaction through chat

Technical Details

Our live stream webcast platforms support HD and even 4K video resolutions to ensure the finest viewer experience. The technology employed divides video into chunks for cloud processing and streaming downloads, an efficient process that creates a buffer, smoothing out playback for viewers, especially when internet speeds fluctuate. This buffer also results in a broadcast delay, typically ranging from 15 to 30 seconds, making live streams best suited for one-way presentations rather than real-time online conversations.

For real-time webinars that support dialogue between remote presenters and audience members without broadcast delay, please explore our webinar services.


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Your Webcast & Webinar Requirements

Every webcast and webinar set-up is a little different, depending on your technical requirements. We would be pleased to provide you with a custom quotation that fits your requirements and budget and help you decide which platform will best fit your needs.