HD Download Instructions (2015 and prior)

In addition to viewing your dance recital video online in HD, you can also download individual dance numbers (3 video resolution choices) or the entire show in a single download.

The choice is yours but please remember you can share the actual videos with your family through direct transfer (USB stick or hard drive) but you are not allowed to upload the video to any social media sites, including but not limited to Facebook and YouTube.

Once you have set-up your unique password you can always return to the log-in for the online viewing and downloads through this link:


To view individual videos online please follow these instructions:

1) Select the video you want to watch. The online viewer will launch

2) You can play the video online. Be sure to click on the full screen button in the bottom right corner to watch in HD and full screen.

3) To download an individual dance video click on the Video Actions menu and select Download.


4) You will be presented with six options. Ignore the FLV options and select from one of the three MP4 options:
Original File is the highest bitrate version and suitable for playback on your HDTV and fast computers.
iPhone encode is the lowers resolution and bitrate version and is suitable for playback on smart phones and tablets including iPhone/iPad and Android phones and tablets.
HD mp4 encode is still HD but a lower bitrate version and hence a smaller file size. This file is suitable for some tablets and computers that are older or so not have a modern video card.


5) To download the entire show in the highest bitrate version please follow the instructions below (although I suggest you try to download and play back an individual dance video first).
You may need to return to the previous screen/main project screen if you are viewing an individual video.
Click on the Project Actions drop down and select Export All Media

6) This option will download each individual dance in a zip folder. Every internet browser handles the next step a little differently but you will either want to specify the download location or figure out where the file is downloading. I would suggest moving the file away from the default download location and into a properly named folder. Be careful that you have enough free space on your computer hard drive as these files are very large and you will need 2x the file size to download and then unzip the files.

UPDATED Unzip Instructions

Once your zip folder has downloaded simply unzip it and you can playback the individual files.

Please do not use the default unzipping utilities that come with your Windows or Mac Operating systems. They cannot properly unzip files over 4GB (Your HD files are between 7-8GB). You will need to download a free unzipping program.

7-Zip (Windows Only)
The Unarchiver (Mac Only)

You can then delete the zip folder as you no longer need it. Make a copy of your unzipped files and store on a different hard drive or USB stick to create your own back-up.

These instruction will allow for easy computer playback using Windows Media Player on a Windows computer, Quicktime on an Apple computer, or VLC Player on either.
To add the iPhone version to your iPhone, add it to your iTunes and sync.
To play on your HDTV copy the files to a USB stick and plug the USB stick in your Smart HDTV (if it has a USB port). You can also plug the USB stick into a PlayStation3, XBox 360, or supported streaming device (the type your would use to watch Netflix on your HDTV with).
Some users will prefer to play from a laptop connected to their HDTV or over their home network to their HDTV.

If you require support you can leave send me an email using the contact form below.
Please be specific with what devices you are working with (make/model) and what you are trying to do.