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Sony NXCAM super 35mm video camera

The Sony FS100 and Large Sensor Acquisition

The Sony NEX-FS100 is professional video camera that is a game changer for corporate and event video producers. Traditional professional camcorders use three relatively small CCD or CMOS sensors - one for red, blue, and green. This was fine…
Sony NXCAM super 35mm video camera

Sony NEX-FS100 training DVD review in EventDV Magazine

As many of you are aware I sold my Sony HVR-Z7U and HVR-Z5U professional HD video cameras in favour of a pair of new Sony NEX-FS100 video cameras. The image from the FS100 is absolutely amazing, thanks to the massive Super35 sensor that dwarfs…
Sony NXCAM super 35mm video camera

2011 BCPVA VIA awards – in the news

Last month I was attending the National Association of Broadcasters trade show in Las Vegas on behalf of the BCPVA and EventDV Magazine. As a BCPVA delegate I was charged with selecting BCPVA Video Innovation Awards. A month later, news of the…
Sony NXCAM super 35mm video camera

BCPVA Video Innovation Awards at NAB 2011

While working the Las Vegas Convention Centre floors for NAB, the video industry's largest trade show, I had two important roles. I was representing EventDV Magazine & EventDV Live as a contributing editor and product reviewer and at the…
Sony NXCAM super 35mm video camera

Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35mm NXCAM video camera

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I've been waiting for this camera ever since I first heard of DSLRs being used to produce professional video. Well, now it’s here - or at least a couple of working prototypes, along with specs to pour over in anticipation of this next generation…