Webcast Case Study: BC Housing

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Webcast Case Study: How to manage more than a handful of microphone sources on a panel discussion using a digital audio mixer with the assistance of an automatic microphone signal mixer.

Tutorial: Connecting Content-Creation Workgroups with the ProMAX Platform Portable Y

This video production tutorial originally appeared on Streaming Media Producer Whether you need to connect multiple workstations together with shared storage or multiple storage devices to a single workstation, the ProMAX Platform Portable series…

How to Integrate Real-Time Social Media with Streaming Video

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This article originally appeared on Streaming Media Producer Viewers interacting with a second screen while consuming content is not something that we, as producers, have much control over, but by integrating real-time social media with streaming…

Sony a7S Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera, Part 3: Video Camera Review

This article was originally published at Streaming Media Producer In the last two articles in this 3-part series on the Sony a7S, we covered a lot of ground discussing what to look for in video lenses and lens adapters for the Sony e-mount that…
Shawn Lam - video production strategies

Business Strategies for Videographers Live Webcast at BCPVA

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Business Strategies for Videographers LIVE VIDEO STREAMING EVENT 7:30 PM PST Wednesday January 29, 2014 Last night it was my privilege to be invited to speak to the BC Professional Videographers Association in their first ever live-streamed…
Shawn Lam Video wins business award

2013 PoCo Best Biz Awards Winner

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Shawn Lam Video Inc is the recipient of the 2013 PoCo Best Biz Award for home based business. Fifty-four local businesses were nominated in 2013 for the awards, which recognize the contribution businesses make to the community, and demonstrate…
Webcast video production workshop

Streaming Media Producer Live Workshop

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Shoot, Switch, Stream! Shawn Lam is scheduled to speak at the Streaming Media Producer Live conference in Huntington Beach, CA on November 18, 2013. This full day pre-conference workshop is available to both Streaming Media Producer Live…

Video Production Primer: Live-Switched Webcasting

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Streaming Media just published their Field Guide #2, called Shoot, Switch, Stream!. This is how Streaming Media Publisher Joel Unikow introduced the field guide: Live-switched video is fast becoming live-switched webcasting, as video producers…
Sony 16-50mm f/2.8 on FS100

Video Production Advice: Sony FS100 lens advice

Today's question comes from a freelance producer/shooter from LA, who read my Sony SAL1650 16-50 f/2.8 on Sony FS100 blog post and is asking for some advice. Video Production Question Hey great article, 2 quick questions, the 16-50…
Sony 16-50mm f/2.8 on FS100

Video Production Advice: Matrox MX02 on iMac

Video Production Advice   Following a previous post of mine about the Matrox MX02 Mini Max, I received a follow-up question from an Iranian Videographer, who asks for advice about the Matrox MX02 Mini MAX and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5…