Olympic Opening Ceremony Critique – Canada VS USA

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Video Switching - Who had better video coverage?

I watched the Opening Ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games with a bit of a different perspective than did most Canadians and even worldwide sports fans – I was watching to see how CTV, Canada’s Olympic network, covered the ceremonies. The 2010 Olympics marks the first time that a Canadian network did their own independent production for the opening ceremonies – usually they just take the US feed and add some Canadian content. Both CTV and NBC, the US Olympic Network, had access to the more than 20 Canadian Consortium camera angles, so this meant that it was possible to compare both networks’ coverage to see who did a better job of video switching and directing, using the same camera feeds.

In order to compare the two networks I watched portions of the Olympic Opening Ceremony from both networks side by side. To see how Canada did read my Olympic video switching critique on EventDV Live.