WEVA Expo 2009


For the 6th year in a row I attended the annual WEVA Expo, the event video production industry’s largest and longest running convention and trade show.

Shawn Lam reporting for EventDV-TV

Shawn Lam reporting for EventDV-TV

As you can see by all of my colourful ribbons, I was pretty busy with several responsibilities:

Red: Speaker
Green: MPV Accreditation
Navy: Local Association President
White: Press
Red: Panelist
Orange Sticker: VideoUniversity.com member

By far the most time consuming responsibility was producing this three part series for www.eventdv-tv.com while at WEVA Expo.

My personal highlight of the show had to be the seminar I taught on How to Run a Successful Production Company. Below is the preview:

WEVA Expo Trailer – Shawn Lam from Shawn Lam on Vimeo.

Trailer video: How to Run a Successful Production Company – presented by Shawn Lam, MPV.
This session was presented on Thursday September 17 at 8:30 AM during WEVA Expo in Orlando, FL.

I had a great turn-out and was very excited to share my secrets to my business success, while at the same showing my attendees how to tie-in the great tactics they had been learning from the other talented speakers at WEVA Expo. I’ve always been a strong believer that business strategy is simply an alignment of business activities towards a common goal and without strategy, a business owner will never achieve their potential. So the point of my session was to show how business stategy as it relates to a video production company, is actually quite easy.

If you were one of the many in attendance – I’d love to hear from you to hear your feedback, which you can leave by commenting on this blog post:
1) What did you learn from my session?
2) What will you implement in your business – be very specific?
3) Did I properly explain the big concepts and give practical examples? If I didn’t then let me know so I can expand in this very blog.
4) How relevant was my session to your business?

Let me close this post by including a link to my presentation – How to Run a Successful Production Company, which I created on Google Docs. Make sure to click on the speaker notes button on the bottom left to get a few of my presentation notes.

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  1. Ted Chandler says:


    I am intrigued to say the least. Very good trailer for your “How to Run a Successful Production Company” presentation. I am going to jump over to your presentation on Google Docs and take a look. I, myself, just lept out into the freelance video production market here in Orlando, Florida. I have done this in the past to some success; however, I need to seriously develop and examine the strategies behind running a business versus just working from gig to gig. I look forward to your presentation.

    Ted Chandler

  2. Mary says:

    I really enjoyed your seminar. Thanks for the e-mail on business cards. I am proud to say I am NOT on your bad list. Thanks for taking the time to break it down for all of us.

  3. Alice Thomas says:


    OK, I admit I have no website on my card. I fall in your 12%. My husband & I run a small business on Maui and work primarily with corporate clients and we’ve been blessed to not need a website. That is, until 2009. We should be launching a new website by end of November.

    What I recall most about your class was “Marketing means connecting with future clients”. Thanks for all of your recommendations..Kessler crane, black extension cords etc! See ya next year!

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