Top 5 things WEVA is doing right

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I’ve received lots of great feedback on my two previous blog posts- thanks to everyone for sharing. From my perspective it seems like there are a lot of companies that care about WEVA and want to see it continue to be the leading source for their conference education – I’m place myself in that group.

So with that I’d like to release my list of what I feel WEVA is doing RIGHT!:

1- Connecting with Peers
Forums are great for keeping in touch but really connecting requires face-to-face. Adam Mancini recently said on VU,

It amazes me how much you can learn from having dinner with someone.

I agree – above all else that I enjoy about WEVA, seeing and learning from my friends is number 1.

2- Programming
Although I would like to see more event video coverage (selfish, I know but that is my interest), every new way of looking at the same problem gives me further insight and I am always impressed by the line-up of speakers at Expo.

3- Creative Excellence Awards
They push me further each year in my own business. For me, a business owner who works in an artistic field, this is incredibly important as it is the part of my business that doesn’t come as naturally. It is probably a good thing that I don’t win with every entry as it gives me a moving target to aspire to.

4- Merited Professional Videographer (MPV) accreditation
My accreditation gives me prestige and an edge over my competition. It was a challenging but very rewarding process both studying for the exam and preparing my videos for the peer-review process. I think that more WEVA members need to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

5- Trade show

The WEVA Expo trade show is the ONLY one specifically geared for the wedding and event industry. I have enjoyed the unique opportunity to meet with the vendors when they are focused on serving our market. I’ve been fortunate to win several prizes through the raffles and almost always go home with equipment that I get to try on the trade show floor.

So there you have it – this concludes my review of WEVA Expo 2009. I hope you have enjoyed both my suggestions to improve the next Expo as well as my thoughts on what keeps me coming back to Expo.

And to my WEVA friends – I look forward to seeing you at Expo 2010, wherever the next exciting venue will be, as I know the next one will always be my favourite.

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