Sunset Ice – Sony Z7U and Z5U CMOS 30P footage

Sunset Ice – 2009 Figure Skating from Shawn Lam on Vimeo.

Video by the Vancouver Video Production Company of Shawn Lam Video of the Sunset Skating Club 2009 Ice Show – Sunset Around the World. Featuring guest pair skaters Nicole Orford & Malcolm Rohon O’Halloran.

Video camera: Sony HVR-Z7U and Sony HVR-Z5U.

This video demonstrates the performance of Sony’s Exmor CMOS sensors in a fast motion environment. Note the lack of skew, a reported limitation of CMOS sensors due to the scan method that can cause straight lines to “bend” if the motion is too fast. As you can see the Z7 and Z5 CMOS sensors are able to keep-up with this fast motion, even when the skaters pass right infront of the camera, requiring a really fast pan.