Sony HVR-Z5U review – EventDV April 2009

Exactly a year after getting my Sony HVR-Z7U I purchased the new HVR-Z5U – now I have a matching pair.

In general the Z5U is the same as a Z7U except the Z5 comes with a fixed G series 20x lens instead of the Z7’s interchangeable 1/3″ bayonet mount that comes with a 12x Zeiss lens.

Read the HVR-Z5U article here to find out my thoughts on how despite the being so similar in terms of features and technology, the two cameras are dramatically different due to the layout of the controls. I also conduct a series of low light tests with the Canon XHA1s and Panasonic AG-HMC-150 and explore different lens options, including a line-up of conversion lenses by Century Optics and replacement 1/3″ ENG lenses for the Z7, including the Fujinon Th17x5BRM.