NAB Interview: Sony’s Juan Martinez on the NEX-FS700R and Latest E-Mount Lenses


This article was originally published on Streaming Media Producer

NEX-FS700R and Latest E-Mount Lenses

Streaming Media Producer contributing editor Shawn Lam and Sony Senior Product Manager Juan Martinez convened at NAB 2014 to discuss the pending firmware upgrade for the Sony NEX-FS700R and NEX-FS700 and its implications for users of the popular Sony production cameras, as well as new developments in Sony’s E-Mount lens family.

Martinez also highlights the new 28-135mm constant aperture f/4 lens with discrete iris, zoom, and focus rings introduced at NAB 2014 last week.

“Sony is developing very high-quality, professional E-Mount lenses,” Martinez says. “SLR lenses are boxed in by the rules of the SLR camera, because they’re meant to be driven and controlled in a particular way, and they’re meant to step in discrete increments. In the case of the E-Mount, the iris can open continuously. We’ve designed the lenses from the very beginning to do automatic focus, and have very powerful motors. Sony is the only company that’s producing linear motors. It’s a very challenging technology to master, but once you master it, you have a lot of torque, and it’s possible to move large pieces of glass within the lens, and achieve very high optical results.”

Here is the full “Almost Live with Streaming Media” interview conducted in the Sony booth at NAB 2014: