Back in February I was priveledged to produce a four-camera live switch webcast of the Governor General’s Olympic Youth Dialogue. The event took place on the eve of the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games and we had been working for weeks on the wiring diagrams and set-up for this complicated production. Unlike most events where we can set-up a full day in advance and had hours of testing time, we were only allowed to set-up the evening before this early morning webcast. The live switch was complicated on many levels and on the video side I was responsible for switching two seperate video outputs – one for the inhouse feed and a second for the live webcast audience. I used two video mixers for this – the Edirol V8 and and Edirol V4.

Live video switching

Edirol Vdeo Switcher at Olympic Youth Dialogue

The event was a success and our production was featured in this Edirol Case Study. Be sure to download the PDF version as well to see the wiring diagram.

You can watch the highlight video from the Governor General’s Olympic Youth Dialogue here.