Video Production Primer: Live-Switched Webcasting

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Streaming Media just published their Field Guide #2, called Shoot, Switch, Stream!.

This is how Streaming Media Publisher Joel Unikow introduced the field guide:

Live-switched video is fast becoming live-switched webcasting, as video producers and their clients embrace the power and immediacy of delivering their content live to targeted audiences worldwide via streaming media. We are happy to announce Field Guide #2 focussing on Webcast Production Solutions.

Streaming Media Field Guide #2

I was asked to write the primer on Live-Switched Webcasting and I discuss the following webcasting roles:

  • Technical Director
  • Audio Engineer
  • Webcast Technician
  • Camera Operators

I also discuss the following webcast equipment considerations:

  • Video Switcher Form Factors
  • Video Switcher Inputs
  • Audio Inputs
  • Frame Rates & Scaling
  • Audio & Video Delay
  • Preview Outputs
  • Auxiliary Outputs
  • Keyers
  • Transitions
  • Webcast Encoder
  • Webcasts Service
  • Analytics
  • Branded Player

Download Shoot, Switch, Stream! Field Guide #2 PDF