Shawn Lam featured in REFOCUS book

A few months ago I was approached by video production colleagues and friends, Ron and Tasra Dawson of Dare Dreamer Media, to contribute to a book they were writing for Peachpit Press. The book is titled REFOCUS: Cutting-Edge Strategies to Evolve Your Video Business. I was pretty busy at the time as I was just getting back from trips to Las Vegas for NAB 2009, LA to film the Highlander convention, and on my way to my cousin’s wedding in Edmonton, but jumped at the opportunity to take part in this project as I know how successful the two are in their own video business and that we share similar philosophies when it comes to the business of video. Well a few months later the book made it to print – I’m on pages 51-54 and my interview and profiles discusses dance recital video production in a special feature named IN FOCUS: UNPLANNED SUCCESS – An Interview with Shawn Lam.

OK – so I might not be the most unbiased reviewer on this project as I’m featured in the book but it is a great read and I really do feel is a must-read for everyone in the business of video production. It is current. It has sections on blogs, Facebook, current techniques, and has lots of profiles that give examples to back up their lessons.

I was so impressed that I’m making it required reading for the BCIT Filmflex course I am instructing called The Business Plan and Career Strategies.

To read a excerpt published in EventDV Magazine click here.

And while I’m on the subject of books – I recently picked-up FREE – The Future of a Radical Price by economist and Wired Magazine editor-in-chief, Chris Anderson – pictured below (photo by Shawn Lam, Vancouver – Vidfest 2008).
I feel this is a must read for any business owner who is interested in seeing where pricing trends are going for technology and computing. After reading Anderson’s theories in earlier articles published in Wired Magazine, I have started to incorporate some of his strategies in my own business with great success.