Video Hosting

Embedding a YouTube video that you created on your own website is a bad idea for most businesses.

Why? Because when you embed a YouTube video on your website, you give the viewer the opportunity to click on the video to play the video within YouTube and YouTube can suggest other videos the viewer might be interested in viewing, all which can cause your viewer to leave your website.

On the SEO side, YouTube steals all the credit and links from Google search results and this does not help your website’s organic search engine rankings.

I wrote an article on Maximizing Your SEO with Video that discusses these points in further detail.

Shawn Lam Video Inc. is pleased to offer several different video hosting options to YouTube, including Wistia, Vimeo, and Amazon S3. Each has a different set of benefits and prices and we would be pleased to discuss the options with you.

So while I don’t suggest using YouTube as your primary means to embed video on your website, I do recommend posting videos to YouTube in order to generate video videos views – just don’t expect that this will lead to an increase in your website traffic the way that professional video hosting with video sitemap capabilities can.

Ask about our video hosting services for website embeds and email marketing campaigns.

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