Discover the SLV Live Difference!


Since 2001, Shawn Lam and his team of video professionals have been providing professional video production services in Greater Vancouver. A lot has changed over the last 20 years and SLV Live has kept ahead of the technology curve through a commitment to professional development and advanced technology adoption. This commitment to growth includes Shawn’s involvement in the BC Professional Videographer’s Association as a 7 term President and his work as a contributing editor for video production publication Streaming Media Producer.

This constant focus on internal growth has naturally led to exceptional business growth for SLV Live.

Much of SLV Live‘s business success stems from vertical growth in the range and type of work we produce. This benefits our customers as we can offer both a wider range of complimentary video production services as well as service their video production needs earlier and later in the video production process.

We offer video production services that go beyond traditional corporate communication videos that include filming editing, and posting the video online for on-demand viewing. Our video production offerings also include multi-camera live video switching, webcasting, & webinar production.

Working with a vertically integrated video production company means neither of you has to outsource part of the video production services to another video production company, which makes for a smoother and more efficient video production experience.

Vertical and Horizontal Integration

We are the Competition

Many video production companies try to increase their range of services by hiring us to deliver services that are outside their equipment and experience range. We are more than happy to work as a subcontractor for another video production company (we are often asked to quote against ourselves on the same job) but it is almost always a more efficient and cost effective process to just hire us directly.

We are very proud to be the video production company that other video production companies trust the most with their own clients and for their most challenging live video production jobs.