Conference video production is a fast growing market for event videographers. It only makes sense as the appetite for video, especially online, is increasing by leaps and bounds. Earlier this year I completed a four part series for EventDV Live on Producing Conference Video.

Live video production


Here are the links to all four installments:

I discuss equipment selection, including video cameras, lenses, tripods, LANC controllers, video cables, baluns, video risers, and the use of image stabilization.

I discuss stage lighting essentials, contrast ratio, new LED video lights, the importance of audio in a video production, and microphone selection – including wireless lavaliere microphones, wireless headsets microphones, handheld microphones, shotgun microphones, and boundary microphones.

I discuss recording PowerPoint presentations, aspect ratio, scan converters, live video switching, intercoms, and tally lights.

I discuss the new speed of video, real time video editing, hardware & GPU acceleration for video editing, the difference between a CPU and GPU, tapeless workflows and formats, live video streaming components, all-in-one live video switchers with streaming capabilities, and live video streaming services,.

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