Shawn Lam featured on NVIDIA blog

I just got an email from the Senior PR Manager at NVIDIA to let me know that my EventDV coverage of NVIDIA during The NAB Show with Shawn Lam was featured in their latest blog post, summarizing their activities at NAB 2010.

Here are the notes he sent in his press release pertaining to my coverage in Part 1:

The NAB Show with Shawn Lam: Part One

Notes on video:

  • Lam interviews Adobe’s Simon Hayhurst, starting at the 4:45 mark;
  • @ the 5:35 mark, Hayhurst deep dives into CPU (aka “Oh my god it’s a disaster” slow performance) vs. (@ 5: 47 mark) GPU (aka “Oh my god in real-time” fast performance and acceleration);
  • Lam segues into his NVIDIA interview with Joe Stam @ the 7:12 mark; Stam picks up where Hayhurst left off by elaborating further on what the GPU brings to PPRO CS5 users. As Lam summarizes, “Sounds like it’s a whole new world of speed now with NVIDIA using their CUDA technology.”

Here is the link to NVIDIA blog post.