Vancouver Video Producer to Speak at Orlando Conference

It’s official – My latest proposal to speak at the 2009 WEVA EXPO has been accepted. WEVA is the event video industry’s largest and most successful trade association and Expo is their annual conference and trade show. The 2009 Expo will be my 6th as an attendee and 4th as a presenter!
How to Run a Successful Production Company
Shawn Lam, Shawn Lam Video
Thursday: 8:30am – 9:30am
Event video productions have always been a great niche market – now find out how to take this market to the NEXT LEVEL with technological innovations, advanced strategies for winning and retaining new business, and reinventing old pricing models to increase profits. Join WEVA MPV Shawn Lam as he gets “Back to Business!”

Topics Include:

  • Market selection: Identify niche markets and determine which ones are profitable and a fit with your business.
  • Marketing: Develop a multi-step and time-indexed marketing plan to directly target the identified decision makers.
  • Technology: Understand what equipment/software you will require to produce professional results.
  • Pricing: Reinvent the old pricing system with a new more inclusive and profitable model that will double and triple your contracts.
  • Special Features: Differentiation is the key to a sustainable competitive advantage