Shawn Lam first to review Sony HVR-Z7U HDV video camera

Valentines day is synonymous with flowers, chocolates, and love. My Valentines day 2008 will be remembered for the arrival of my Sony HVR-Z7U video camera – I received one of the first production models in the world, direct from Sony. Within hours I was reporting to the video world through a variety of blogs. For a few days I had a worldwide exclusive as it wasn’t until the following week that any Americans received their units as it takes longer for products to go through the different dealer channels.

The Z7U was one of the most anticipated HDV video cameras for event video producers. It was the first model to attain the level of low light sensitivity and high definition video. In addition it featured a full manual interchangeable lens and a Compact Flash recorder for tapeless acquisition.


Video University

On March 30th EventDV published my Z7 review online and in the April 2008 magazine – I’m sure several competing magazine editors are still wondering, editorial deadlines considered, how EventDV got the scoop on the Z7U.
EventDV HVR-Z7U Review